What we do

Our Philosophy is our commitment to customers that drives us with passion to achieve our ultimate goal, the “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.


E&M Technick emphasizes the ultimate importance to design and engineer products that will meet the technological and operational demands in the plant. We manufacture and deliver excellent quality of products to customers that will help their plant to achieve higher productivity by reducing downtime and maintenance cost. We strive to deliver our products to customers ahead of planned schedule to ensure meeting the target timeline set by the customers.


E&M Technick humble beginning started with providing customers site technical assistance. Thus, this tradition has been kept further enhanced until today. We have a dedicated team of engineers and technical personnel with long years of design and site experience who are able to provide customers in depth know-how and knowledge. Their expertise will help our customers to use our products very effectively in the plant and hence achieving higher productivity and maximizing the plant’s profitability.