Supplying customers with spare parts and machine components quickly and reliably is a critical element of the service offered by E&M Technick . All requests are promptly processed by our employees. Prior to making an offer, the experts in our engineering office check the specification of the requested spare part in order to rule out incorrect procurement. Promptly submitted proposals as well as tightest delivery schedules minimize possible downtimes of the machine.

By delivering only high-quality spare parts, E&M Technick makes sure the machine can be operated reliably and over a long period of time. We have made numerous improvements over the manufacturing life of Customers equipment. In many cases we can suggest different materials of better designs to upgrade your machinery. We supply genuine mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic spare parts to customers all over the world.

E&M Technick  has the capability to re-engineer and supply customized spare parts of the existing Iron Making plants like Coke Oven, Sintering Plants, Blast Furnaces, Rolling Mills and Steel Making Plants like LD Converter, EAF, Lf, RH, Billet, Bloom and Slab caster. Also focuses on supplying specific and customized consumables of Rolling Mills and Finishing lines. In most cases, no modification is required for the existing equipment using when our spare parts, and in some occasions, they are interchangeable with the existing spare parts. We are able to manufacture these consumables based on the existing technical drawings but we will be able to improve the life and performance of these consumables with our product and process know-how. We engineer and manufacture also the following spare parts:

Iron Making Area (Sintering, Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, PCI)

In the Iron Making Plant, we supply:
E&M Coke Oven Parts (Doors, Valves,  )
E&M Blast Furnace Parts (Cooled panels, Tuyeres, )
E&M Sintering Plants Parts (Grids, Antiwar parts, )
E&M Raw Materials Handling (Belts, Antiwear parts, conveyors rolls)

Grade bars are installed on sintering platform trolley constituting a sintering bed .

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Cooling Staves

The manufacturing technology of our BF “cast iron” cooling stave is introduced from Nippon Steel. Several know-hows are independently and innovated accordingly. Such as anti-excursion head fixing technology for cooling tube,ultra-low phosphorous smelting technology,etc.   We are able to suply copper cooling stave including improvements studying the fluids models and all stresses applied on them.

Steel making, electrical and LD converter shops

In steel making  E&M thanks to its engineering team and a selected range of supplier can supply key parts like converter cones, converter body/ grunion rings, BOF lance tips, EFA arms,  Cooling blocks, oxygen/ carbon lance.

We can spupply for example:
E&M Copper Water Cooled Panels for EAF/LF
E&M Temperature and sample Cartidges
E&M Water Cooled Panels for EAF/LF Roof for FTP ducts.

E&M is also supply tools like slag pots, scrap boxes/ chutes, gear boxes. colling hoods, crane hooks. Every sapre can be checked by our engineering in order to evaluate weak points of Customers demands.

Continuous Caster Spare Parts

E&M Technick is capable to supply  spare parts for slab caster, mould, mould oscillator, supporting guide segments, segments as well as all kinds of spare parts which are widely supplied to iron & steel companies.

E&M CCM Mould Assembly (Billet, Bloom, Section, Slab)
E&M Slag Pots and Scrap Buckets
E&M Temperature and Sample Cartridges
E&M CCM Rools (Billet, Bloom and especially Slab Caster)

Moreover we are capable to modify original design thanks to Customer requests, including all FEM calculation.

Copper Plate

Mould is the heart of continuous caster and the key equipment in the process of continuous caster. With the rapid development of continuous casting technology in high speed, quality, efficiency and high temperature,mould is demanded more and more strictly to have anti high temperature, anti wear and anti corrosion. Baosteel has world-class electro-coating, hot spraying and machining technology and corresponding equipments for CCM copper plate with diversified coating of Ni, Ni-Fe, Ni-Co, Co-Ni according to customers’ requirements.


Hot Rolling Mills

Our team of engineers and designers is committed to duplicating or improving upon the design of replacement parts whether you order a replacement part. We supply genuine mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic spare parts to customers all over the world. Take the time to use genuine quality replacement parts.

E&M has an extensive know how of steel mills. We don’t take manufacturing short cuts to save money, we manufacture to the original or better tolerances and hardness than the part we are replacing. We consistently find that our parts last longer and hold up better, so that maintenance work and downtime is minimized. E&M Technick is also able to supply Oil Film Bearings for the flat product rolling mills of the back up rolls. In addition to the bushings and sleeves as the spares parts for the bearings, we are capable to supply new or revamp the existing oil lubrication systems dedicated for the oil film bearings.

The extensive background and expert skills acquired throughout decades of presence in the steel market allow us to provide a wide range of spare for Hot Mill Mandrels, Cold Mill Pay-off & Tension Reels, Process Line Reels & Reel Heads, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, HACG Cylinders, Bending Blocks, Shifting Blocks, Balancing Cylinders, Entry & Exit Guides, Crop Shear Drums, Liners, Wear Plates, Pinch Rolls, Tension Rolls, Retainer Racks, Pinions, Pipe Mill Stands and a lot more.

Cold Rolling Mills & Galvanizing Mills

E&M is capable to supply a wide range of spares for every part related to skin pass area, reating furnace, galvanizing area, inspection area. E&M Technick as hot area is also able to supply Oil Film Bearings for the flat product rolling mills of the back up rolls.

E&M Rolls (Rolls for Long Product Rolling Mill)
E&M Radiant tubes

E&M Ceramic coated rolls
E&M Seals (Customized Seals for the Rolling Mill Equipment)

SPT Coated Rolls (Polymer & Metallic Coating)
E&M Blades (Hot & Cold Shear Blades for Rolling Mill)
E&M Zinc bath rolls

E&M Rolling Mill Guiding System (Roller & Static Guides for Rolling Mill)
E&M Gear Components (for Various Equipment such as Gearboxes, etc)
E&M Spindles & Couplings (for Gearboxes/Motors/Rolling Stands, etc)

Finishing Areas

E&M is capable to supply spares as knives, rolls, guides to a delicate area such us finishing area. On the end of steel making production chain the final production pass several steps, like straightening, peeling chamfering, polishing for long products like bars, hexagons, profiles, or in a flat area where the coils of plate are pass process like polishing, cut to length, etc.. We are capable to supply:

E&M Rolls for Pinch Rolls & Straightening Machine
E&M Blades (Cut to length Blades for Rolling Mill)