E&M Technick offer total refractory solutions for steel making: From BOF to Reheating furnace. We will all be very glad to offer you our interest and quick response to all your specific requests, combining flexibility of a dynamic international organisation.  With a range of value added, high performance consumables and services. As an experienced and international player in the refractories industry, E&M Technick has succeeded in expanding both the breadth of its product range and the depth of its services. Providing quality service to a diversity of jobs over the years has given us the experience and technical know-how to solve problems in the most cost effective professional manner possible.

Our product range includes Slide Plates, Nozzles, Stopper, Well Blocks, Porrous Plugs, Tap Hole Sleeves, Monolithics, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Magnesia Chrome Bricks, Magnesite Bricks, Hight Alumina Bricks, Silica Bricks, Silicon Carbide Bricks, Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks, Clay Bricks, that used to Torpedo Ladle,BOF, EAF, Ladle Furnace, Refining ladle furnice, Tundish, Cement Rotary Kilns, Glass Furnaces, Lead Rotary Kilns, Copper Converters ,Petrochemical, Aluminium and other Power Industries etc.

Under the management of ISO9001 quality control system. From raw material to finishied products, and carry out each physical test and chemical analysis with all types of testing apparatus, which include thermal shock resistance instrument, creep apparatus, reheating liner change apparatus, etc

E&M Technick has undertaken several refractory management projects in major steel plants in following key areas:


Coke Ovens

E&M Technick offers a comprehensive product line of Alumina refractories for Coke Oven repair and maintenance. This includes:


  • Fired Alumina
  • Bricks Gunning Mixes
  • Door plug lining material
  • Material for topside, bench & wharf repair

Blast Furnace & Hot Stoves

A large product range of monolithics provides the first response to the most typical customer applications in the iron, steel and thermal industry.  The high capital investment of blast furnace relines mandates that iron makers pursue the longest possible campaign life.

Furnace life extension is optimized by advanced engineering refractory products . While the hearth remains the most critical zone for repair, the stack can always be re-profiled. Robotic repairs or manual installation by lifting platform are the usual, long experienced techniques used worldwide. 

E&M Technick has been offering Taphole, Trough & Runners clay products since last more than 10 years to its customers.

We develop taphole clay products that:

  • Provide safe and reliable plugging and opening of taphole
  • Reduce hearth and taphole area wear by maintaining consistent taphole length
  • Maintain uniform casting times by providing consistent metal and slag erosion resistance
  • Minimise taphole spitting while operation
  • Are more user-friendly by providing easier clean-out of the mudgun nozzle

E&M Technick offers a wide range of products for trough and runner maintenance. All our products are high alumina, silicon carbide/carbon fortified to provide superior resistance to blast furnace iron & slag. Our various offerings are:

  • schermata-2017-02-12-alle-17-18-40Ramming Mixes ideal for working lining repairs
  • Alumina-Silicon Carbide (no cement) castable
  • High Alumina, low cement gun mix fortified with Silicon Carbide
  • Casthouse performance is determined by runner and through design, product engineering and application technology. Our main focus is to provide reliable high alumina and silicon corbide/carbon products for all refractory linings

Hot Trasportation Facilities

One inportant point for cost efficency, final products carateristic and safety issue is the “transportation” of hot materials of IRON thanks to Torpedo cars or desulphuring ladle and  STEEL thanks to process ladle, this because mantain the right temperature and Steel cleanliness is safeguarded by high alumina-spinel product and in a safe mode for several times is one of the Key point fro which many roducers are concern.

Therefore for Ladle lining:

  • Develop advanced monolithic products and services
  • Supply solutions according to customer requirements
  • Achieve top performance levels
  • Ensure cost effective results
  • High quality Purging Plugs


Our product range includes Slide Plates, Nozzles, Stopper, Porrous Plugs, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Magnesia Chrome Bricks, Magnesite Bricks, Hight Alumina Bricks, Silica Bricks, Silicon Carbide Bricks, Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks, Clay Bricks, that used to BOF, EAF, Ladle Furnace, Refining ladle furnice and Tundish.

E&M Technick for BOF and EAF, provide castables and precasted solutions for iron and steel treatment as well as for all the refining and secondary metallurgy devices. We focuse our efforts to improve chemical attack resistance, abrasion resistance, with high mechanical properties, strong thermal shock resistance and compatibility with repairs

E&M Technick forSteel Ladles also develop and test its Slide Gates technology, and is capable to offer, permorming ladle and tundish shroud. We supply products able to ensure uniformity of steel temperature, deisgn to control turbulences and steel flow and ensure safety of the linings during long casting sequences

Reahting furnaces is one of the point where we also offer trough one of our partners a “high qualified service” for furnance maintenance for steel, glass and ceramic companies.