E&M Technick can provide that to his partners some key products like refractories with efficent technology, strict quality controlling and Satisfactory services. All powders used on meltl shop and foundries like TAP Hole Clay – Casting Powders, Foundry powders – dry tun dish refractories.


Casting Powders play a fundamental role accounting for the fact that in the last years it has increased dramatically both the number of steel grades produced and the Casting Technology. E&M Technick is able to supply steel powders for any steel grade and for all types of machines, thanks to the long experience and multidisciplinary knowledge of his Team and one important producer , which allows it to provide also expertise in the fields of Continuous Casting and Secondary Treatments. We are able to supply Tundish, Mold, Ladle and Secondary treatment powder.




E&M Technick is able to supply products make up a small proportion of the overall cost of the foundry process but, when delivered in consultation with its application engineers, can produce significant economic benefits to customers through improved process capacity, yield and efficiency. In a typical foundry process the Division’s products may be used in the melting shop, core shop, moulding line and pouring stages.

In a foundry, E&M Technick chemical binders and refractory ‘paints’ are used to prepare the sand moulds and cores, with E&M Tecnick molten metal transfer products being used to transfer the liquid alloy from the melting furnace to the casting line, where it may be modified and conditioned by metal treatment equipment and additives. A E&M Technick ceramic filter may be used within the mould to remove impurities and reduce turbulence during pouring, thereby reducing scrap and improving the mechanical properties of the finished casting. E&M Technick‘s partner feeding aids are also important in the reduction of material waste and improvement of casting quality.