E&M Technick  team consists of technical and management experts from Europe, USA and Asia who combine their efforts to deliver metallurgical solutions to customers worldwide. There are Technical people who oversee different product lines of the company to develop engineering at customer request and various Project Management Teams responsible to implement contracts made with the customers. The Quality Assurance Team ensures all partner workshops manufacture the products according to the quality and technical requirements.

Being a technological company, E&M Technick  has a dedicated Research & Development (R&D) team to follow various pilot projects in some innovative effort to develop new and creative metallurgical solutions for steel industry.

In order to support the worldwide customers in different countries, E&M Technick establishes the co-operation in each country with a local company (or companies) to be the Sole Country Agent , Local Partner or Regional Office. This local structure enhances our local presence and understanding of the needs of the customers with different cultures and languages. They provide customers with regular and timely visits as well as commercial supports.


E&M Technick  has also established E&M Technick  Service Centre in various regions of the world to provide technical assistance to customer for the final product application. There are technicians stationed in various parts of the world who can attend and visit customers on regular basis to understand the performance of our products as well as any technical issues that may arise.