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E&M TECHNICK some of our partner from which is clear that we are supply good taking in high consideration quality and realability of what we serve to our Customers

ERGOLINES (Visit the Web site for more information!)

schermata-2016-12-29-alle-09-44-51ERGOLINES, an innovative Italian Company, thanks to high level know how of its engineers, dinamic managment and taking care of the presence very close of one of most innovative Area Science Park in Italy are able to supply not only a serie of products of other supplier but most important equipments which are innovative compare with competitors, user friendly and with higest performrcances. Some but not only equipment available are:

  • Electromagnetic stirrers for mould, strand and final stirrers, including not ferrous material.
  • MFM a new-generation portable gauss-meter instrument for measurement and complete analysis of the rotating magnetic field produced by EMS stirrers.
  • MPF Automatic Mould Powder Feeding  to guarantee the powder thickness control on billet, bloom, section and slab casters.
  • ILD  inductive transducer to mantatin constant the bath level, it is design to work accurately with Automatic Powder Feeding system.
  • OPI Oscillator checker, to deeply check the mould assembly with an accurate 3D measurement of the spatial trajectory of the mould, for maintenance, to solve anomalous behaviours of the CCM quality-craks and to analyse them.
  • VSD a system early detects slag carry-over from ladle to tundish, , or an automatic control system, to shut-off the ladle, preserving steel purity in the tundish. The device is working with an advanced calculation model to prevent false allarms.
  • MTM/ BPS system performs real-time monitoring and analysis of the temperature maps of mould walls by means of a matrix of high-precision k-type thermocouples and related calculation model.

CECAL (Visit the Web site for more information!)

schermata-2016-12-29-alle-16-59-02CECAL provides excellence in manufacturing of high conductivity copper cooled elements and other special components to the global metal production industry. Cecal’s products are widely used in the iron and steel industry, the base metals industry, such as zinc, aluminum and copper production, reduction furnaces, and many other sectors.

  • High conductivity copper cooled components for the steel industry for Blast Furnace, LD converter, EAF and secondary trethment stations
  • Copper cooled elements for smelting furnaces of copper, nickel, and other metals.
  • Copper and copper alloys componentes for the ferroalloys intustry.
  • Rings, bars and customized copper parts.
  • Bronze and aluminum-bronze alloys cast pieces for industry.
  • Busbars and componentes for high electrical power transmission.
  • Cathodes for zinc electrolysis and other metals.
  • Bimetallic plates and components (clads) explosion welded

DEREF – STEELIN (Visit the Web site for more information! )

schermata-2016-12-29-alle-22-11-49DEREF produces and places on the market a wide range of mineral raw materials which are employed for shaped and non-shaped refractory materials intended for steel, tile and glass markets. Deref is a leader company at European level for manufacturing of secondary raw materials.Deref is specialized in the demolition of refractory linings of industrial furnaces in the fields of: glass, ceramic, cement, lime and steel. The demolished scrap then undergoes an upgrading process through Deref’s treatment plants.

schermata-2016-12-29-alle-22-02-33The STEELIN is also able to provide ladle, tundish and mold powder tahnks to the long expierence on this field from its engineers and metalurgist. The STEELIN is also able to provide many services which, through collaboration with several Universities in Italy. Moreover, with great dynamism, the STEELIN is able to meet customer needs, assisting on the production site.

CREFIN (Visit the Web site for more information!)

schermata-2016-12-30-alle-21-07-03CREFIN is a well know supplier for  cutting edge solutions and technology for industrial ovens, refractory materials and artistic glass kilns.For 40 years CREFIN has been operating on the national and international markets as a specialist in installing refractory materials. As development continued over the years the company extended its range of services to remain true to their belief that success lies in satisfying the clients´ specific needs. The various fields where CREFIN has applied its systems over the years are shown in this diagram. In each sector the know-how that CREFIN can offer means that innovative solutions can be provided that are studied and developed in line with the customer’s specific needs for Steel, Glass, Artistic Glass, Cement, Lime, Incinerators, Chemical and Petrochemical applications.

KAIDA (Visit the Web site for more information!)

schermata-2016-12-30-alle-21-17-03KAIDA is one of the better rolls manufacturere in China, mill rolls producer of 36-year manufacturing experience, sold to more than 200 steel mills in 40-countries. We are not focues on price, but in the quality this company is able to reach, already checked from many steel manufacturer worldwide. Equipped with one of the best special mill rolls brands, Kaida Roll Group is one of competitive special mill rolls manufacturers and suppliers in China capable to supply all tipes of forged and casted rolls for wider, bar and section mill, back-up, working and intermediate rolls for cold and hot mills for coils and plates, Tungsten Carbide Rolls, Sendzimir Work Rolls,  Sendzimir Intermediate Rolls