For the last years, companies in the tube and profile manufacturing industry have been loooking for innovative, reliable solution and customer made solutions . Whether our Customer  need equipment for casting, extrusion, pointing, drawing, straightening, cutting and chamfering, finishing, stacking and bundling or material handling, E&M Technick and its suppliers companies, tahnks to our engineers will investigate, research, develop and design the “taylor made” solution, with a comprensible price and appropriate quality.

A qualified team of engineering and an experienced production people assure that exactly the equipment desired is delivered timely and efficently to our customer. It is always point out on our Aim.

E&M Technick offers individual machines and fully integrated on production systems for the steel , stainless steel and non-ferrous metal industry. Semi-finished products are manufactured from steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium using innovative machine concepts. E&M Tecnick is capable to supply all consumables necessary for copper and alluminium production, like rolls, knives, bushes, oils and any spare parts you may need. We are capable to do reverse engineering on old equipments as additional service.

E&M Technick is capable to supply due by its own Know-How and selected supplier know how also the followings equipments :

Drawings machine which include a product range includes machinery and systems for drawing tubes, rods and profiles made of steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

Tube drawing benches to be use as breakdown drawing machine or as part of a finishing line for copper and steel tube production. Depending on demand, these can also be used for intermediate or finishing drawing passes.

Straightening machine use for precision steel tube production and, lately also, for copper tube production. Two rolls or multiroll straightening are available. E&M Technick also able to supply polishing machine after peeling process.

Chamfering or multi cutting machine with multiple cutting heads, as typically used in precision steel tube production, enable the shortest cycle.

Finishing, bundling and marking lines are also available to complete the overall process.

Other equipments like induction line, NDT and Visual inspection line for internal and outside surfare is available to satisfy customer demands.