Eco Solutions

E&M Ecology solutions provides processes and solutions along the entire iron and steel production chains, to clean air & water to achieve the strictest emission regulations, with innovative solutions and and the same action to perform better cost savings. We have   clear objective: preserve enviroment, recover better situation, saving resources, creating value with “by products” solutions.

E&M Ecology solutions for “fumes dedusting” with the application of   “new way”  technological processes and to maximise at best degree of recycling performing inteligent energy savings, reduced emissions, improved water threatment cycle and to add value on by-product management.

E&M Ecology solutions for “water cleaning” with a combination of modern technology and knowledge based on the development and implementation of specialized microbial products.
This technology is based on the controlled injection of cultivated selected micro-organisms, which are characterized by unique properties in the specific environment aiming to reach specific targets. For each application, we engineer the right blend of bacterial strains, their micro-nutrients and the suitable operational conditions. We produce the microbial product, using selected and specialized vendors and we deliver it, ready to be used, under our supervision.

Our technology, with no CAPEX, drastically reduced OPEX and Zero Solid Discharge can be implemented in many industrial fields such as:

  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Biogas Production Units
  • Food & Meat Processing Industry
  • Breweries & Dairies Industries
  • Steel Making WTP (Integrated or Mini mills)
  • Paper Mills & Wood Processing Plants
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Composting Factories
  • Industrial Tanneries
  • Textile Industries

For example steel mills generate oily millscale sludge in the rolling mill, and the landfill disposal route is expensive owing to the hazardous nature of the material. As an alternative to landfill, a technology developed by E&M and it partner for the oil industry has been successfully adapted for processing this material without capex investment, with full scale recovery.

E&M Eco solution to recover waste materials, like slag coming from steel works is a valuable resource for any steelmaker. Integrated steelmakers sell blast furnace slag to cement industry. In addition, the slag from the BOS plant such as converter slag and ladle slag has useful for lime bearing material. EAF slag is a strong and durable material which is highly versatile and ideally suited for use as an aggregate in many applications. We have tecnology to treat “BOF Slag” (black slag) and “EAF/ LF Slag” (white slag).

Another resource from waste is the “spent refractories” which can be use on steel making process or sell, after treatment to refractory suppliers. All proccess above are done including metal recovery, whereby the recovered steel scrap is screened into different size fractions and returned to the steelmaker.

We are able also to recycle scarp, plastic, copper and many other wastes to recover valuable resources and to save or nature.

We have the right and the duty to preserve and improve our enviroment, because we have only this Earth and no alternative plan for the next generation…..

…because, if no us, WHO? ….because in not now, WHEN?