Chains, belt conveyor and rolls

The entire E&M Technick product line can be produced to fit any existing manufacturer’s top-side and return frame assemblies.

Although our roll will excel in any corrosive, abrasive, or material accumulation application, do not rule out E&M Technick in simple material handling applications. Advantages in cost savings through extended life and savings on belt damage are just two of the many reasons that we should be considered for any industrial conveyor belt application. E&M Technick also supply spare parts of roller, idler, pulley, gearbox with high quality and quick lead time.

Conveyor belts are manufactured out of many different materials, all with differing specifications, properties and benefits. They are integral components of a conveyor system, and physically transport bulk materials from one place to another in a continuous motion. They must be durable, long lasting and resistant to a wide range of temperatures, moisture and chemicals.

There are five main materials that conveyor belts are made out of: thermoplastics, metal, rubber, fabric and leather. Plastics include polyester, polyvinyl chloride, silicone and polyethylene. The most popular material is a rubber composite because it is flexible, resistant, smooth and seamless. It also doesn’t have any holes or openings. To increase strength, many belt materials contain additives, including fabric, steel, polyester or fiberglass. Choosing the right belting material is the most important specification involved with conveyor systems because the wrong material could compromise productivity or worker safety.

Conveyor systems, travel through many different environments. For example, assembly line conveyors may travel through an oven, underwater parts washer or some sort of secondary operation like painting. Therefore, they must be resistant, durable and able to handle these harsh conditions on a continuous and regular basis.


Materials like some hard plastics or metal lack the flexibility needed to convey, which requires the belt to bend, as they are on a continuous loop around two sets of rollers. In these situations, small parts are interlocked together or woven in order to bend and twist.Belts that carry ingredients, raw materials and finished, unpackaged goods in food or beverage processing plants are made of either stainless steel or a heat resistant, non contaminating plastic resin. They must be CERTIFIED and easy to clean and sanitize.


Our product range covers conveyor chains for the entire production process – from stockyard technology for coal and ores, to applications in powder metal facilities, furnaces, steelworks, casting machines and roller mills up to transport and looping tower chains in hot and cold-rolled areas.


E&M Tecnick can supply a comprehensive range of conveyor rollers for a wide range of industries, mines, steel, food, glass, wood. Whether you need to order one conveyor roller or thousands of conveyor rollers, we manufacture to suit your individual requirements. We manufacture rollers for a wide range of conveyor roller systems, from stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC in tube diameters ranging from 20mm to 102mm.


High-performance products of premier quality, strict compliance to the most extreme specifications, innovation and a complete focus on our customers’ demands form the basis of our leading reputation. High demands are made on the chains on account of the very heavy transport weights and extreme environmental influences. We develop the latest in chain technologies in order to satisfy the complex requirement profiles from various areas of steel production and processing. Be it to reduce wear on reclaimer chains in ore and coal mixing beds due to abrasion, to enhance temperature resistance in hot material transport or to obtain highest precision for roller chains used in looping tower applications – these challenges represent just a small part of the tasks on which we have worked in the past in order to develop successful product solutions.

E&M Technick provides special chains and sprockets for the transport of nearly all bulk materials such as:

  • clinker, gypsum and clay for cement production
  • granulates in fertilizer production
  • coal, coarse-grained ore, crushed stone, limestone and slate in the mining industry
  • biomass, coal, slag and quartzite in power stations
  • polymers in the production of plastic
  • wood chips in the wood and paper industry
  • punching waste or scrap in the automotive and metalworking industry
  • recycling materials in waste separation facilities
  • Tobacco, caffe, tee, packs, pallets
  • For paper industries non-lubricated chains with screwed-on carrier plates for transporting paper rolls.

E&M Technick also supply spare parts of roller, idler, pulley, gearbox with high quality and quick lead time.