Steel Sector

A part of the integral solution for the metallurgical supply, E&M  Technik provides various on site Start Up Services for customers after the delivery of the equipment. Our Technical Service personnel will conduct start up of our equipment (erection, cold & hot commissioning and final acceptance test) together with the customers at site. During this time, we will also conduct training and knowledge transfer to the customers in order to operate our equipment correctly and efficiently.

E&M Technik technical personnel have years of hands-on experience and process know-how to provide Technical Assistance in resolving issues related to operation and production. We can provide site investigation services in terms of operation, maintenance and productivity improvement and eventually derive technical solutions that are practical and able to resolve these issues.

For turnkey, equipment replacement or revamping  rolling and steel making projects, E&M Technik is able to provide Technical Consultancy & Project Management services to the customers. These services can consist from feasibility study, enquiry specification, contract negotiation and project management. We will be able to provide an independent advisory services for customers to decide on the selection of main turnkey contractors or the technological equipment suppliers.

E&M Technik  , thanks also to our partners Companies has the capability to re-engineer and supply customized spare parts of the existing Iron Making plants like Coke Oven, Sintering Plants, Blast Furnaces, Rolling Mills and Steel Making Plants like LD Converter, EAF, Lf, RH, Billet, Bloom and Slab caster. Especially for Raw material handling, carbon & lime injection we have very smart and reliable solution. Also focuses on supplying specific and customized consumables of Rolling Mills and Finishing lines.


In most cases, no modification is required for the existing equipment using when our spare parts, and in some occasions, they are interchangeable with the existing spare parts. We are able to manufacture these consumables based on the existing technical drawings but we will be able to improve the life and performance of these consumables with our product and process know-how. We engineer and manufacture also the following spare parts:

In the Iron Making Plant, we can supply Coke Oven Parts  Blast Furnace Parts like Cooled panels, Tuyeres,  Sintering Plants Parts like Grids, Antiwear parts, Raw Materials Handling parts like Belts, Antiwear parts, conveyors rolls)

In the Steel Making Plant, we can supply CCM Mould Assembly,  CCM Rools,  Copper Water Cooled Panels,  BOF Lance Tips, Slag Pots and Scrap Buckets,  Temperature and sample Cartidges

In Hot, Cold rolling mills and Finishing Area we can supply , Rolling Mill Guiding System, Gear Components,  Spindles & Couplings,  Rolls, Blades,  Seals,  Coated Rolls, Rolls for Pinch Rolls & Straightening Machine

E&M Technik is also able to supply Oil Film Bearings for the flat product rolling mills of the back up rolls. In addition to the bushings and sleeves as the spares parts for the bearings, we are capable to supply new or revamp the existing oil lubrication systems dedicated for the oil film bearings.