About us

E&M TECHNICK was created years ago as a consequence of the long-time experience and knowledge acquired on the steel plants from the founders which was working for most international know Austrian plant and equipment making companies, with the expertise of its engineers, meets every need, with complete design, manufacturing and logistics solutions.

E&M TECHNICK is strongly Customer oriented services can be tailor made to the requirements of clients. Due by engineering acknowledges and commercial background.

E&M TECHNICK services is proposing mainly in Europe specific engineering, project management, purchasing and technical consulting  on demand.

The “know how” of E&M TECHNICK and the company we are representing is applied in the following industries:

E&M TECHNICK fields of activities include:

  • Iron Making Industries
  • Steel Making Industries
  • Rolling Mills Industries for wire rod, bars, plates, coils and more
  • Finishing Plants for bars, tubes and plates.

E&M TECHNICK is also representing a group of key supplier, later presented, thanks to these is able to supply any kind of spare parts and plant upgrading.

Products, engineering and services supplied to the different steel plants world wide as have allowed us to understand many of the existing problems and difficulties in association with the installation, management and maintenance of the different applications.

The steel industry is a fundamental sector for “E&M TECHNICK” that, over the years has proved to be a valid partner in the implementation of new dedicated and innovative control solutions. E&M TECHNICK can provide:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering and management consultancy
  • Engineering development and services
  • Management for EPC project execution
  • Start up and commissioning of plants
  • Maintenance and spare parts management
  • System and automation implementation
  • Training and technical assistance services

Moreover we are working also on  Automotive  – Wood processing  – Paper  – Electronics – Cement  – Aerospace  – Chemical  – Automation.